Solar water heater common faults and maintenance methods

- May 11, 2019-

1.the water heater is not full of water

The water that is not full on the water heater may be due to insufficient tap water, disconnected water and sewage pipes, or a broken pipe inside or outside.

Solution: a, can add a booster pump; b, can reconnect or replace the water and sewage pipeline; c, replace the damaged pipe fittings. 

2. After filling with water, no water or less water when used

After the water is full, the water or water is less due to water leakage at the red silicone ring of the vacuum tube, water leakage at the connection between the water supply pipe and the water tank, or the check valve is broken and the ball valve is also bad.

Solution: a, replace the red silicone ring; b, connect the joint; c, replace the check valve, ball valve.       

3.not full of water, outdoor water

The water is not full. The reason for the outdoor water flow may be that the vacuum tube leaks or the water supply line is disconnected.

Solution: a, replace the vacuum tube; b, connect the water supply pipe or replace the connection accessories

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