What Are The Precautions For Installation Of Solar Water Heater

- Feb 26, 2020-

1. Pipeline design should be clear

It is necessary to ask a series of questions about which valve is used and why the pipeline is designed in this way. Make sure that hot and cold water do not run through pipes.


2. Roof installation direction

When installation of the solar water heater is on the roof, the south direction must be selected. It is better not to have tall trees, buildings and other obstructions within 120 ° in front to prevent the sun from blocking.


3. Water heater fixing

The installation of the solar water heater is on the roof or other high places, so the fixing of the water heater is a very important step. It must be strictly operated, and the fixing condition must be checked regularly to avoid accidents.


4. Avoid airing

After the installation of the solar water heater, the first water supply must be in the morning or at night to prevent the high temperature of the vacuum pipe caused by the air drying. In this case, the sudden cold water will cause "pipe explosion".

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