What Are The Protective Measures When The Solar Water Heater System Is Not Used For A Long Time?

- Apr 14, 2020-

(1) Remove the vacuum tube, drain the water or cover the vacuum tube with a shade net

For users who do not use solar water heater system for a long time in winter, they can remove the vacuum tube by themselves or call a professional person to drain the water. If you feel that disassembly is troublesome, you can cover the vacuum tube with a sunshade net or other things, but the water inside must also be cleaned. Everyone may know that there is no water in the solar water heater, and the temperature will be very high in the air. If you do not use it for a long time, remember to put it on at night or in the morning.


(2) Regular discharge of solar energy

Even if the solar water heater system is not used in the winter, the water tank and vacuum pipe should be regularly drained to prevent clogging of their own pipes. At the same time, the water tank must be cleaned to ensure clean water when used again.


(3) Antifreeze and thermal insulation of pipelines

The anti-freezing and heat insulation measures of solar water heater system exposed outside are also very important, especially where the water tank is connected to the upper water pipe. This place will easily shake and shake when the wind is strong. If the place is not well connected, the upper water pipe It is easy to expose to rain. If the solar water heater system is not equipped with an emptying valve, it is also prone to freezing and blocking, which will cause hot water to not come and cold water to go up, so the outdoor water pipe insulation needs to be done well. Generally, the length of the insulation pipe on the market is two meters. Yes, the joints of each insulation pipe must be wrapped tightly with tape to prevent them from becoming disconnected when the wind is strong or the water is on.

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