What To Do If The Solar Water Heater Does Not Go On Water

- Jul 01, 2020-

Whether it is electric water heaters, gas water heaters or traditional solar water heaters, while enjoying domestic hot water, many families have encountered a series of problems, especially solar water heaters. As a green and renewable energy source, solar water heaters are widely used, but many people find that solar water heaters do not have water problems frequently, especially in cold winter days, solar water heaters have strike phenomenon, just like idle. What should I do if the solar water heater is not watered? There are many reasons for the solar water heater not to be watered. Let us take a look!


First of all, if the controller panel shows no water, you can put hot water to see if it is actually empty, because sometimes the sensor malfunctions and sends an error signal to your control panel, it seems that there is no water, but there is actually water.


If the actual water is not discharged, it is sure that the water in the tank is empty and the water is not up, then it may also be a solenoid valve failure. Solar water must be passed through it in order to be watered. Inspection method: Press water, and then turn on the shower head to adjust the direction of hot water. If there is water, it proves that the solenoid valve works normally. If it does not, it will be broken. It is very simple to change the solenoid valve, only two wires, 12V DC, very safe.


If you find that the solenoid valve is good after you put on the water, you can suspect that there is a leak. Put your head out of the window to see if there is a waterfall.Because your situation is not going to go on the water, it is either a huge leak (cause of the waterfall) The solenoid valve does not fill water at all.


If your home is very old-fashioned solar water heater, such as the float type water supply method, the kind without indoor controller. Then there is the possibility that the float is broken and the water is not available.


Nowadays, the solar energy source is the master of everything, and the solar water heater is an indispensable part of the modern comfortable home system. What to do if the solar water heater does not fill water, master the above inspection methods, can be used for better use of solar water heaters. As technology changes with each passing day, solar water heaters will continue to improve, ensuring free hot water from the sun 365 days a year.


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