Which Solar Water Heater Is Better Than An Air-energy Water Heater?

- Feb 27, 2020-

Many people are asking whether solar water heaters are better or better than air heaters. Today we made a simple comparison of the two water heaters, each has its own advantages, which can be identified depend on people's own purchase needs.


1. In terms of energy saving, solar water heaters are better, because solar water heaters use the gift of nature festival-sunlight to heat hot water for energy.


2. From an economic point of view, solar water heaters are better, because solar water heaters can be used for at least 10 years at a time; air energy water heaters have higher investment costs, and there are still large amounts of electricity to be paid in the later stage; The power is generally not less than 1.5KW. It takes about 30 minutes to heat a box of cold water from 15 degrees Celsius to 80 degrees Celsius, which means that 0.6 kWh (calculated at 1.5KW) is required. What if the power is greater? In this way, a family uses at least 2 kWh a day, 730 kWh in 1 year, and about 1 yuan per kWh. One year will have to pay $300.00 (at least so much). How about 10 years?


3. From the perspective of the speed of using water, an air-powered water heater is better; as long as there is electricity for 30 minutes, a full tank of hot water can be used; and a solar water heater cannot do this. It can be heated in good weather. Tank water (15 degrees Celsius! 80 degrees Celsius) takes about 3 hours; but if there is no sun, there is no way to guarantee that hot water can be used at any time.


4. From a safety point of view, solar water heaters are better. Most solar water heaters are installed in places with good roof lighting. As long as the installation is carried out in accordance with specifications, problems will generally not occur unless the quality of this solar water heater is really Poor, the exhaust system is too bad, it will explode when the water temperature is high, and there is generally no major safety hazard. Air-energy water heaters are different. Electricity is used. Once leakage occurs, accidents are easy to occur.


5. In terms of ease of cleaning, solar water heaters are better. They are generally used for about 5 years. In areas with poor water quality, a large amount of scale will be generated in the water heater. These scales are attached to the water heater liner, making the space of the water heater Small, slow heating, it will be very difficult to clean up; solar water heaters are easier to clean than air energy water heaters, and the cleaning costs are cheaper; air energy water heaters are about twice as expensive as solar water heaters.


6. In terms of environmental protection and recycling, electric water heaters are better, because the vacuum tubes are not easy to break. Even if the entire solar water heater is broken and needs to be replaced, some of the waste materials can be sold or reused.

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