Why Do More And More People Like To Use Solar Hot Water Heaters?

- Apr 20, 2020-

1. There are more than 260 days of clear weather each year. In these 260 days, solar energy can generate sufficient hot water above 45 °, Use solar hot water heaters without electricity and waste no money.

2. Solar hot water heaters generated by the day is hot water, pure natural solar hot water, water, water and soft mild on the skin has a protective and nourishing effect; according to the study, after a day of sunlight in the ultraviolet irradiation, the structure of the full and tap water to be changed into small molecules through photosynthesis the group activity of water, activated water produced by heating with solar energy can only be sensed, the water molecules rich natural force, affinity, adhesion, nourishing, with a taste of the sun, after bathing the skin smooth and delicate skin soft, elastic, like sunshine absorption is smooth and elastic, comfortable; the electric water heater produces hot water, stagnant water, dry rough rusty, fatigue, bath do not have the kind of comfortable feeling, but very tired, because He absorbed the vigor and vitality of man.


3. The solar hot water heaters does not have the danger of the ignition of the gas explosion caused by the gas poisoning.

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