Why Need To Use Magnesium Bar For Solar Water Heater

- Mar 16, 2020-

Magnesium Bar, also called MG rod. If you check solar water heater, you will always find a Magnesium bar be installed in a solar water heater. Do you know Why?

magnesium rod

The magnesium bar in the solar water heater is used to produce a chemical reaction with the scale so that the scale generated by the heating in the water heater will not form a hard block and be wrapped on the heating rod (electric heater).


After a long time, the magnesium bar inside will be consumed. Generally, the seal of the solar water heater must be opened in about 2 years to check the condition of the magnesium bar. If the magnesium bar has not been consumed, the surface has formed a potty state, and There are a lot of flocs, at this time, the surface should be scraped out of the metal luster with an emery cloth or a sharp knife to work.


If the magnesium bar is used up, it should be replaced in time, otherwise the surface of the heating rod (electric heater) inside the water heater will be quickly surrounded by scale, which will cause the heat to be dissipated into the water, which will increase the temperature of the heating rod and shorten the life.

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