Working Principle Of Wall-mounted Solar Water Heater

- Dec 14, 2020-

The hot water system of the wall-mounted solar water heater is that the fins in the flat plate collector convert the absorbed solar radiation into heat energy, so that the temperature of the working fluid in the heat exchange tube of the collector continues to rise, and the hot liquid density is small and cold The characteristic of high liquid density, through the circulation pipeline, forms a natural circulation of cold water from top to bottom and hot water from bottom to top between the collector and the water tank.

Through this cycle, the water in the water tank gradually rises. Since the working medium in the flat plate collector is a cryogenic liquid, it can be kept at minus 40 degrees without freezing. Therefore, even in alpine regions, it can operate normally throughout the year.

Safety performance of wall-mounted solar water heater

1. "Anti-freezing" solar energy in winter

In general solar energy, in the cold winter, the vacuum tube freezes and the water heater "hibernates". Flat plate technology, due to the rapid heat working medium, quick start at low temperature and high heat transfer efficiency. The collector using this technology will not freeze in the tube under the environment of minus 40°C in the high-cold area, and there is no fear of "freezing".

2. High-temperature "anti-explosion" solar energy

Generally, there is water inside the vacuum collector tube. Once it bursts, not only the water heater cannot be used normally, but it also poses a huge threat to personal safety. The problem of balcony wall mounting is even more prominent. In order to solve this difficult problem, a new generation of technology-flat plate replacement Thermal technology, using a unique patented structure (patent number), running without water in the tube, can withstand the impact of super cold heat without exploding the tube. Easily enjoy hot water and get rid of worries about explosion pipes.

3. Safe "leakproof" solar energy

The water tank of the traditional water heater is internally connected with the vacuum tube, and a single vacuum tube leaks and the entire water heater collapses. Leaking water forms "ice skates" at low temperatures, threatening the safety of people and buildings. Flat plate heat exchange technology realizes the fully enclosed operation of the water heater.

4. Easily "anti-scaling" solar energy

No matter how good the water heater is, thick scale builds up on the inner wall of the vacuum tube, and the water cannot flow smoothly and the heat cannot be transferred, which is really a headache. The flat plate heat exchange technology realizes waterless operation in the heat exchange runner, adapts to various water quality in different regions, and smoothly relieves the trouble of scale.

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