Aquecedor Solar De Água

Aquecedor Solar De Água

Non-pressure solar water system is very popular in the world. Using non-pressure solar water system is a cost-effective way to get hot water for your house. They can be used in any climate(jus has sunlight).Using hot water every day can make people more healthy and more happy
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Product Details

Product Details:

Aquecedor solar de água

How does the Aquecedor solar de água work?

Solar radiation passes through the vacuum and heats the water inside the tubes , as hot water is lighter than cold water, this causes a natural circulation within the system.

The vacuum does not let heat escape out of the tubes, and the thermal insulation of the boiler keeps the heat from the accumulated water.

This circulation will take place until the water reaches thermal equilibrium, heating the entire available volume completely.

As long as there is sunlight, there will be circulation and heat transfer between the tubes and the water. At sunset, this hot water will be stored in the boiler, waiting for its consumption.

It is important to correctly size the size of the boiler and the system as a whole to ensure that water will reach the desired temperature only in the sun, without the need for constant electrical support, and that the stored water is sufficient for the daily use of the residents of the house.

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