Solar Thermal System

Our solar thermal system is an environmental product, it through solar energy to generate hot water for home and also industry application
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Solar Thermal System

Working principle of Solar Thermal System

Solar vacuum tube was evacuated into the tank, the coating inside of tube can absorb more than 92% heat energy from sunshine.

The cold water in water tank flows into the tube and become hot, because of different density between cold and hot, there will be a natural circulation in the tube. Hot water will float back to tank.

The polyurethane heat insulation layer can keep the water warm about 2 days without any sunshine.

Solar Thermal System

Specification of Solar Thermal System

Brand Name: BABYSUN / OEM

Type: Evacuated Tube

Pressure: Unpressurized

Circulation Type: Direct / Open Loop (Active)

Connection Type: Direct-Plug

Heating System: Thermosiphon (Passive)

Support Material: Galvanized steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum Alloy

Capacity: 60L-500L

Certification: CE,ISO,CCC

Warranty: 5 years for full system


Features of Solar Thermal System

1. Temperature preservation is equipped with standard electric water heater 

2. Scientifically designed bracket can hold the tank firmly

3. High quality vacuum tubes

4. Simple structure, easy plug-in installation. Cheap and efficient

5. Colors according to customers' needs



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