Water Solar Heating

Water Solar Heating

Water Solar Heating is very popular in the world. Using non-pressure water solar heating system is a cost-effective way to get hot water for your house. They can be used in any climate(jus has sunlight).Using hot water every day can make people more healthy and more happy
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Product Details

Product Details:

Water Solar Heating (1)


1) Inner tank: Stainless steel SUS304-0.5mm

2) Outer tank: Color steel-0.4mm

3) Insulation:Polyurethane-50mm

4) Tank diameter: 360mm/460mm

5) Frame: Color steel-1.5mm

6) Frame angel: 19/27/38/45

7) Vacuum tube: 58mm*1800mm

What happens to the Water Solar Heating if it rains for many days in a row and there is no sun?

Water Solar Heating

On rainy days the system works, however, it cannot produce the same amount of energy as on sunny days. If the water temperature cannot be raised naturally, the system must have an electrical support resistance inside the boiler, which will ensure that the water reaches the pre-defined temperature.

The most modern solar collectors have a digital controller capable of managing the temperature in a very intelligent way, making the most of the system's efficiency.

The digital controller compares the set temperature with the temperature inside the boiler at scheduled times according to the consumer's routine, if the water has not reached the desired values, the support resistance is turned on to force the temperature to be reached, only at those times , saving electricity .

It can also control the water level, feed water automaticlly. The entry of water is done only after all users have bathed, or according to the user's routine and desire. This prevents that, as hot water is consumed, cold water automatically enters the boiler, cooling the water already stored.


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